Creve Coeur approves requesting tax increase -

Creve Coeur approves requesting tax increase

(KMOV) -- just received this news release from the city of Creve Coeur regarding a proposed tax increase.

The City Council has approved an ordinance placing Proposition C, a one-quarter cent sales tax measure, on the November 2 ballot. If approved by a majority of Creve Coeur voters, the sales tax rate in Creve Coeur will increase by one-quarter of 1%, bringing the city’s total sales tax rate to 1.75%. The total tax rate for all jurisdictions in Creve Coeur, including state, county and others, would be 7.675% not including areas covered by transportation development districts.




How the Additional Revenue Would be Used


The additional revenues would provide funding for city services, such as trash service, limb and leaf vacuuming service and police protection. Specifically, the ordinance states that approval of the ordinance will allow the city to defer trash fees, which are otherwise planned to become effective January 1, 2011, for at least three years.



The city has seen stagnant to declining revenues, while the cost of providing basic services has continued to increase, according to Mark Perkins, City Administrator. “We are a relatively low tax/low fee community. While no one likes to pay more regardless of how low taxes or fees may be we are reaching the point where we need additional revenues to maintain the existing service levels,” stated Perkins. If approved by voters, the one-quarter cent sales tax increase would provide additional funds of $800,000 for general city services. The city’s total General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2011 is $14,379,877.


More information about the tax increase proposal can be found by clicking here.

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