Health Officials: Contagious Crypto spreading through daycares -

Health Officials: Contagious Crypto spreading through daycares

(KMOV)—The St. Louis County Health Department is sending a warning out to parents about an especially contagious disease.

Crypto is spreading easily through public pools and water parks. It has been found in four St. Louis County daycares and also in Belleville and Jefferson County.
St. Charles officials say they have 16 reported cases of Crypto, which is three times more than they usually have.

Crypto symptoms include diarrhea, so a lot of hand washing and keeping kids with symptoms out of swimming pools stops its spread.


St. Louis County health officials say none of the cases involves poor hygiene at the day cares themselves, but kids are still getting sick.

Crypto is caused by a parasite and spreads by fecal contamination, whether that's in a pool or by improper handwashing.

Health officials say children with diarrhea caused by Crypto should be kept home until they've been symptom free for 24 hours.

Cases are popping up in surrounding counties as well. St. Charles is seeing three times the number of cases.

The best defense is a lot of handwashing.

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