Kroenke is best owner Rams could hope for -

Kroenke is best owner Rams could hope for

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

The approval of Stan Kroenke by the NFL is the best thing that could have happened for the Rams. In Kroenke, the Rams are getting a billionaire owner with a long track record of success in professional sports. His teams in Denver, the NBA Nuggets and the NHL Avalanche, have been consistent winners and made numerous playoff apperances over the years. Kroenke isn't the type to get in the way of management, and push his way into the spotlight. He's just the opposite type of owner, prefering to stay in the background and let the people he hires run the show.
The only concern about Kroenke is his relationship with former Rams president John Shaw, who still makes his home in Los Angeles. Kroenke has helped the city of Los Angeles with its plans to build a new stadium. If the Rams continue to perform poorly in St. Louis and draw smaller and smaller crowds, Kroenke would have every reason to move them out of St. Louis and back to Los Angeles. He says he has no plans to do that, and that his mother is a long time Rams fan who enjoys watching the games in St. Louis. But money talks, even if your mother wouldn't want the team to move. Let's hope the Rams can return to respectiblity under Kroenke, and the subject of moving them back to Los Angeles never comes up.

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