Conspiracy theories abound on Carnahan office fire -

Conspiracy theories abound on Carnahan office fire

Ever since I blogged about my experience reporting about the Russ Carnahan campaign office fire I've heard from people who say they know who did it.  Not a ton of people... like three.  Based on the cool reception I got from people at the Carnahan campaign office fire, I have a feeling they know who did it, too.

I've heard it's a blogger with democratic ties who coincidentally wasn't blogging during the 20 hours or so a 50-year old man was in custody for the crime.

Police couldn't charge him with arson because the circuit attorney says there wasn't enough evidence.

So someone suggested to me in an email the circuit attorney won't charge him because of the circuit attorney's politics.  Not because police really don't have enough on the guy.

I've gotten into it with a couple of people who suggest the media is "covering" for the arsonist.

How about a little common sense.  What would possibly be the media's motivation for covering or protecting anyone?  If someone is arrested and charged with a high-profile crime, you're going to see it on our website immediately.  Every media outlet will report on it.  It's what we do.

I talked to police this morning who say they're still investigating and can't comment any further on an active investigation. 

I would love to hear from whoever did this mainly because I want to know WHY they did it.  Perhaps he or she is reading this blog and would be willing to anonymously respond to it.

Whoever set fire to Carnahan's campaign office was obviously trying to make a statement.  So, what was the statement?

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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