Used computer sale at local non-profit -

Used computer sale at local non-profit

We told you in June that thieves had struck WITS.  That's the Web Innovations & Technology Services in north St. Louis that recycles electronics and donates computers etc. to various causes.  Thieves stole a dozen laptops worth about $2,000.  The computers had already been promised to an emergency responders program to help save lives.

To recoup the loss, WITS is having a "Back to School" sale.  It hopes to raise money that can be used to help refurbish more used computers that it can donate and thus fulfill its commitment.

Some of the desktop computers are going for $40.  LCD monitors are $10.  Printers are $15.

This is all used equipment, but if you're in the market for such things, it would appear there are bargains to be had and it goes for a good cause.  You can check out the WITS website for yourself to learn more about the organization.

Also, because of this sale, WITS is extending its hours from 8am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm.  It runs through August 31.

WITS has already exceeded fundraising goals. It raked in $8,000 on Wednesday; its goal was $2,000 for the week.


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