Arch Enemy of Arch is Rust -

Arch Enemy of Arch is Rust

   Interesting reading from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today.  If you checked out their front page story on the Gateway Arch you saw that some engineering studies show the Arch is facing problems with corrosion.  How serious?  No one knows right now.

   We were at Market and Memorial right across the street from the Arch this afternoon to talk to people about their feelings for this national monument.  Here's what we heard in a nutshell---it's an investment and like your home you've got to keep it up....perhaps there are other things more important right now for the country to consider when it comes to spending money but lawmakers need to find a way to get the funding for renovations (some say "within reason" others say "no matter what the cost")'s a great tourist attraction and we need to support the investment we've already made...not surprised it's starting to show rust and decay since it's been 45 years....

   No one from the National Park Service which oversees the Arch was available today to talk with us.  We'll keep trying to get more information on these studies.

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