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West County condo owes residents thousands

Some West County condo owners say their condo association owes them thousands, and they have the documents to prove it.

The residents live in the Woodlake Condos in Chesterfield. The condo owners in question live in the shadow of the 141 highway expansion. According to a MODOT appraisal, 19 condo owners will suffer view/noise damage in the amount of 20 thousand dollars because of the construction.

MODOT purchased the complex common ground for $1.5 million and the check was made out to the Woodlake Residents Association. Joan Scheer lives in the complex and says, "I have the appraisal, I have the numbers it's showing we are due $20,000."

Scheer says the association sent out a newsletter outlining the MODOT payment, and also listed options on how to spend the money including repairs to the pool, lakes, and a retaining wall. However, Scheer says the newsletter did not mention the $20,000 that was supposed to go to her or the other property owners cited in the appraisal.

"It's fraud, omission of pertinent facts with the intention to deceive us is what happened," Scheer said. "We're not happy."

News 4 contacted a Woodlake board member, but she declined an on-camera interview. An attorney for the resident's association said the residents will get their money, but could not say when that will happen. The board member told News 4 they did not hide the payment from anyone, and they are following the advice of their attorney.

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