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I-70's Exit Downtown?

    The group, City to River tells me that by the time the Arch turns 50 in 2015 they think it would be great if I-70 was no longer in downtown St Louis.  In fact, they want the depressed section filled in and the elevated section torn down,  In it's a place a wide and landscaped boulevard, the perfect compliment they say to the city's centerpiece, the Arch. 

     On the surface they seems like a crazy and way too ambitious plan.  But the group makes the point that 70 is destined to be re-routed over the new Mississippi River Bridge in a few years leaving the downtown section of the highway without a name and without much use for heavy traffic. 

     Adding fuel to their fire is the fact that four of the five finalist designs for the archgrounds support to some degree getting rid of 70. 

     It certainly would change the landscape of downtown and probably for the better, at least in appearances.  And it may not be as far-fetched as some may think.


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