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Happy to have Brett Favre back

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson
(KMOV) -- Brett Favre is getting a lot of criticism for the way he continues to return to the NFL, after first saying he was retiring. This is getting to be a yearly ritual. It's been a total circus in Minnesota since Favre flew from his home in Mississippi to the Vikings training camp in Minneapolis.
His return was covered live nationally, with helicopters following his car from the airport to the training camp site. The road near the entrance to the Vikings camp was lined with the cheering fans. It looked a little like the reception Lindbergh got when he returned from Paris.
This is all crazy of course, completely overblown and probably just what Favre wanted. To feel like he's loved, and to be begged to return to the game.
But the bottom line is this: the NFL is more interesting when Brett Favre is playing. Whether he has another All-Pro year or not at age 40, he's still a fascinating player to watch and the biggest personality in the game. The NFL is simply an entertainment outlet, and Favre makes every game he plays more entertaining. I'm happy he's back, even if his method of returning seems self-centered.

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