Thinking about blagojevich -

Thinking about blagojevich

    I had some time to talk with prominent St Louis defense attorney Scott Rosenblum about the Rod Blagojevich verdict.  In fact I was sitting in his office as Blagojevich was addressing the media and calling the mistrial proof that the government did not  prove its case. 

    'Anytime you walk out of federal court in a trial, it's a win," Rosenblum says.  I went there because Rosenblum is one person who can try and make some sense of all this.  He points out this win can be temporary, especially if there is a new trial.

     He says it's possible the jury was overwhelmed by the government's case and it's likely some firm convincing was attempted in the closing moments of deliberations among jurors. 

       With the revelation that it was one juror who held up the verdicts, Rosemblum says both sides will be very careful in selecting a new jury.

       Rosemblum smiles when he thinks of how quick Blagojevich is to speak his mind, something he says he wouldn't advise a client to do. 

     "From the outside looking it, I think he's something of an affable boob, and I think that saved the day for him."


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