School District Has Millions to Spend on Rehab, Upgrades -

School District Has Millions to Spend on Rehab, Upgrades

   Voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition S earlier this month.  It's a $155 million bond issue for the St. Louis Public Schools.

   We got some of the numbers from the school district today that show where some of the money will be going.  Here's what we have (in millions of dollars) :

$20m for upgrading building envelopes (hazardous material abatement, tuck pointing, waterproofing, roofing, windows, doors)

$1.3m for "Safety" (exterior/interior doors, metal detectors, handheld detectors, video cameras)

$5.2m to upgrade playgrounds/parking

$5.4m for Technology Upgrades (mobile laptops, computer classrooms, interactive whiteboards/projectors)

$27m for electrical service (energy efficient fixtures, motion sensors, fire and burglar alarm, public address systems, door intercom, clocks)

$26.9m for Restroom Upgrades

$10m to renovate/upgrade classrooms for pre-kindergarten

$2.9m Americans with Disabilities Upgrades

$3.1m for cafeteria and kitchen upgrades

$16m to upgrade science labs, libraries and auditoriums

$5m for sports facilities upgrades/construction

   The district says it expects this will create about 3100 jobs.  The first jobs are expected to begin in December and construction jobs will stretch anywhere from three to five years during the life of the project.


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