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Rams blow it again, miss chance to add valuable piece

(KMOV) -- The Rams have come up short again in their attempt to upgrade the offense. They negotiated with free agent running back Bryan Westbrook, but failed to close the deal. Now Westbrook has signed with division rival San Francisco.
For the life of me, I don't understand why the Rams won't do whatever it takes to bring in another quality running back. They've built their offense around the running game, which is a questionable premise to begin with in 2010, but still somewhat understandable as long as Steven Jackson is healthy.
But Jackson, like any other overused back, has missed playing time in the past because of injuries and he just had back surgery this offseason. Is that not a red flag? Their need to add playmakers in the offseason was glaringly obvious, but they failed to draft a running back or sign a quality free agent at that position.
If Jackson goes down again the Rams are dead meat. Most other teams have at least two quality running backs, to share the carries, provide multiple threats with their offense, and to provide depth at a position where injuries are common. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson but still drafted Toby Gerhart in round two. The 49ers have Frank Gore but still signed Bryan Westbrook. Arizona has Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells. Dallas has Marion Barber and Felix Jones. The list goes on and on.
Why don't the Rams understand this? Their need for another quality back is painfully obvious, yet they don't seem interested in doing much about it. They averaged just 11 points a game last year, worst in the league. But they still refuse to take the necessary steps to add a speedy, change of pace running back to help this pathetic offense. Hard to figure.

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