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Police search for man using stolen checks

(KMOV) --Many people have gotten them- those checks attached to a new credit card offer- and most people tear them up. Once they're torn up and in the trash, what happens if someone gets them and tapes it together? That's exactly what happened at two local stores.

A clerk at the Walgreens in Ellisville accepted the taped check on July 7 th. The suspect bought four cartons of cigarettes, Pringles and Lysol, and the clerk never asked for ID.

A couple days later, the man used three bad checks at the Food 4 Less in Fenton, totaling over $500 in stolen goods.

The owner of Food 4 Less tells news 4 he is concerned that there might be more bad checks out there and hopes the man is caught.

Please call Ellisville Police if you have any information about this suspect.

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