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6 People arrested after forum on aging turns into heated health care debate

(KMOV) -- There were some intense moments over the nation's healthcare system in south St. Louis County.

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Missouri Congressman Russ Carnahan held a forum on aging on Thursday night, but that's not what the crowd wanted to discuss - it was health care reform.

Health care reform wasn't officially on the docket, but that's what everyone seemed to want to talk about.

There were about 800 supporters and opponents outside the forum, and the situation got pretty heated.

Inside the forum, things were a little more organized, but still very intense.

About 200 people were let inside but the others were not allowed in.

Authorities tell News 4 that six people were arrested, including a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter. Two of those people were arrested for suspicion of assault, one for resisting arrest and three on suspicion of committing peace disturbances.

During the meeting, Carnahan took one question that had been submitted earlier on health care reform.

Some attending the meeting were frustrated with how Carnahan addressed the health care reform questions.

Supporters of the health care reform accused the demonstrators of being disruptive.

While opponents say they just went there to try and get some answers and voice their displeasure with the bill.

The forum essentially turned into a health care free-for-all.

Congressman Carnahan did end up addressing the issue, in our News 4 studio Thursday night during a talk with News 4's Larry Conners.

The public will get a chance to voice your opinions at some upcoming forums.

A planned health care forum with Senator McCaskill has been cancelled as a direct result of last night's confrontation.

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