Perfume possible culprit in illness scare at FW office -

Perfume possible culprit in illness scare at FW office

Some workers were being treated outside the entrance to the office building.
INTERACTIVE MAP 5400 block North Beach Street, Fort Worth

FORT WORTH - Some sprayed perfume may have been the cause of reports of dizziness and the evacuation of several employees at an office building Wednesday afternoon in North Fort Worth, said Lt. Kent Worley, a Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman.

The incident began when two people reported feeling dizzy after someone sprayed perfume in a two-cubicle area, Worley said.

After the report was relayed to a supervisor, an announcement was made that any employees feeling dizzy should exit the building. Many employees, including several from other floors, exited the building.

However, Worley said "many continued working with no ill effect."

MedStar said at least seven people were taken to a hospital after falling ill at the office building.

Ambulances and paramedics were stationed outside the building to evaluate workers who evacuated.

Buses from the Fort Worth Transportation Authority were also standing outside the two-story Bank of America office in the 5400 block of North Beach Street.

Worley said initial tests had not been able to determine the cause of the workers' distress.

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