Chris Coleman's personnel records reveal new details -

Chris Coleman's personnel records reveal new details

(KMOV) -- News 4 has obtained a copy of recently released court documents in the Chris murder case.

We are now learning new information about Chris Coleman, the , Ill. man accused of murdering his wife and two young sons.



Coleman was employed as head of security for , the televangelist based out of Fenton, Mo.

According to documents from the ministry, Coleman was paid $100,000 per year until his resignation on May, 13 following a report that he was having an affair with a Florida woman.A personnel document shows that Chris Coleman's departure from Joyce Meyer Ministries was orginally listed as "management's decision," but was crossed out and replaced with "Chris Coleman's personal decision," which is handwritten on the document.

Coleman also received a $10,000 advance in pay on the day after his family was found strangled to death in their home.

In a job application Coleman filled out for the ministry in late 2000, Coleman says he was "attached to the United States Secret Service" while a member of the United States Marine Corp. in Quantico, Virginia.He also wrote down that he had worked numerous presidential security details.

In the "spiritual critera" section of the application, Coleman says he was "born again" in 1986 and began "speaking in tongues" in 1988. He also claimed he did not drink, smoke, use drugs, or have any other kind of "habits or bondages."

He also says his wife Sheri was "born again" in 1997 and was baptized and began "speaking in tongues" in 1998.

Coleman stated on the application that he learned of the ministry though his mother "who used to attend meetings when there was [sic] 14 or 15 women attending them."

Attorney Jack Carey, lawyer for Sheri Coleman's family, released the information from Chris Coleman's personnel file.

Coleman applied for a security position at Joyce Meyer Ministries in 2004, that year he made $76,000.

His salary fluctuated by a couple thousand dollars every year after that, until he got a huge raise in November of 2007. That's when his salary jumped to $100,000 a year.

Attorney Jack Carey also wants a copy of the 2004 employee manual, but wouldn't elaborate as to why.'s Michael Bittner contributed to this report

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