Con artists impersonate Affordable Care Act navigators to steal -

Con artists impersonate Affordable Care Act navigators to steal identities

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(KMOV) – News 4 is issuing a warning of possible scammers taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act involving the navigators who help people sign up for the health insurance exchange.

The Madison County Health Department has nine people on staff who are certified to be navigators. In Illinois, it involves two levels of training, state and federal, before they can start helping people navigate the insurance exchanges.

This also seems to be creating an opportunity for criminals who are looking to steal identities.

Certified navigators are operating all over the state and officials warn the legit navigators will set up appointments and have strict rules for taking personal information.

“there are privacy guidelines that the agencies are required to follow and one of those is the enrollment has to be in a private setting because you're sharing some personal and financial identification and that needs to be secure,” said Amy Yeager with the Madison County Health Department.

So if someone is knocking on the door or calling claiming to be a navigator and they want to sign you up, don’t give them any information.

Both the Madison County and the St. Clair County Health Departments have certified navigators to set up appointments. Starting on Wednesday, the city of St. Louis’ Health Department will also begin assisting people with Missouri’s Health Exchange.

If you are doing it by yourself online, make sure the website ends with .GOV as scammers have set up false websites hoping to steal people’s information as well. 

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