St. Louis leaders take serious strides in luring ADM headquarter -

St. Louis leaders take serious strides in luring ADM headquarters to the area

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 (KMOV) – St. Louis has the chance to add hundreds of jobs and get a major economic boost but first has to beat out Chicago to draw the newest headquarters for agriculture giant, ADM.

If St. Louis is chosen, the ADM headquarters would likely be close the plant science hub that exists in St. Louis County. St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley told News 4’s Matt Sczesny they are taking their best shot at this.

“We’re told we’re in the running between Chicago and the St Louis metro area, so we believe we’re in the running. We spent the entire weekend preparing for an opportunity to make a presentation to ADM,” said Dooley.

It seems to be the confirmation of the rumors that St. Louis as a region is making a serious effort to lure ADM from its Decatur, Illinois home.  

An ADM spokesman said they are looking at several locations and recently, company officials told Illinois leaders they’d like over $20 million in tax breaks from the state to move to Chicago.

One Missouri State Senator, Republican Eric Schmitt, told News 4’s Sczesny, Missouri would be foolish not to go after them.

“One, we need to be smart about it, it needs to be a good deal for taxpayers but bringing those high paying jobs to St. Louis. Getting a corporate headquarters instead of losing one would be nice thing to happen, said State Senator Eric Schmitt

One disadvantage may end up being Lambert International Airport, which many say doesn’t offer enough for traveling executives.

“I’m glad we have an airport to even be in the game. That’s the positive part we have an airport with the infrastructure in place that could be upgraded easily to address those concerns,” said Senator Schmitt

Upgrades cost money, yet for now, it seems the county and the state want ADM to know how much they are wanted. 

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