Thousands wait for refund check for deceptive US Fidelis warrant -

Thousands wait for refund check for deceptive US Fidelis warranties

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By Staff By Staff

(KMOV) – Thousands of people still wait for a refund after they fell victim to the useless extended auto warranties offered by Wentzville-based US Fidelis.

Annette Harrison is one of the many who bought the warranty from the company run by two brothers and convicted felons who built over-the-top mansions and lived the good life until the company crumbled.

She has not received her money back after filing refund paperwork more than a year ago, adding her name to a huge list of consumers and creditors who were due money from a settlement.

Darain Atkinson’s Lake St. Louis mansion was sold as well as his brother, Corey’s Wentzville home. Both their vacation homes in Lake Tahoe and Lake of the Ozarks were also on the market.

The restitution fund has $11.6 million and Harrison wants her $1,200 back.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office insists the money is coming but the process will be slow because the courts don’t allow partial payouts. Before people like Harrison see a dime, a specific plan outlining who gets what needs to be approved.

Joe Bindbeutel hopes the money will start flowing by the end of the year. People like Harrison have already been waiting much longer than that.

“It’s frustrating, I paid out this money, it's due to me,” said Harrison.

Many of Atkinsons’ assets were sold to pay people back but News 4’s Chris Nagus discovered their home in the Cayman Islands was not part of the restitution fund for consumers.

Flip on News 4 This Morning at 6:45 a.m. to see why this house will not be a part of the payback to people like Harrison and Bindbeutel. 

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