Cardinals players marvel at what Wacha does in Game 4 -

Cardinals players marvel at what Wacha does in Game 4

 (BaseballStL) -- Michael Wacha can be a man of very few words at times.  He doesn’t like to talk about himself very much.  He’s too humble to say anything that could possibly be mistaken for cockiness.

That’s okay.  After nearly throwing a no-hitter (again) in Game 4 against the Pirates at PNC Park his teammates will do the bragging for him.

“I think he’s just not scared.  He has great stuff and he knows it,” Adam Wainwright said.  “He goes out there and challenges people; he works in pitcher’s counts instead of hitter’s counts.  When you keep the ball down like him and you keep it up when you want to, you throw your off-speed pitches for strikes and bounce it when you want to you’re going to be in pretty good shape.”

“He was unhittable actually,” Carlos Beltran said. “He gave us an opportunity to score for him.  When we scored those two runs I just had a feeling it was going to be enough.”

“He is overly mature, very confident but he keeps it in the way he’s supposed to.  He respects the game and goes out and competes.  It was so much fun to watch,” injured pitcher Chris Carpenter said.

It’s important to remember that Wacha was pitching in the Big 12 just 18 months ago at Texas A&M.  The Cardinals made him their first round draft choice in 2012 and aggressively promoted him through the system.

Now we can all see why.

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