BBB warns of IRS phone scam targeting area immigrants -

BBB warns of IRS phone scam targeting area immigrants

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 (KMOV) – The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a new kind of scam that has already taken $11,000 from a West St. Louis County family.

The scam targets immigrants from India, the caller tells them they owe back taxes and will be arrested if they don’t pay immediately.

The scammers reportedly tell the victims to go to the store and buy green dot money pack cards, load them with the amount owed and give the scammers the access code to the cards.

The Better Business Bureau told News 4 there are several red flags to tip off someone that this is a scam.

“The biggest thing is asking for money immediately, specifically any kind of on traceable money like money grams Western Union any kind of pre-loaded cards you have to buy at a grocery store,” said Bill Smith, an investigator with the BBB.

They say the IRS would never call to tell you about owing back taxes and if you do owe money, there will not be an immediate action demanded. 

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