Cardinals built to withstand postseason adversity -

Cardinals built to withstand postseason adversity

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) -- The Cardinals never seem to make anything easy for themselves, now do they?  In 2011 they were down to their last strike in the World Series.  Twice.  In 2012 they were down by six runs to the Nationals in Game 5 of the NLDS.

But they survived.

Now that they're facing elimination at the hands of the Pirates with rookie Michael Wacha on the mound tomorrow, does that previous experience mean anything going forward?

"I hope so.  I hope so.  Because it's now or never," Yadier Molina told me after Game 3 in Pittsburgh. "They got a good team but we have a good team also."

"We've been in this situation before.  Last year we were in this situation a lot," Carlos Beltran said. "We're fine.  We want to come in tomorrow and win and hopefully take this series home."

Others, however, don't see it that way.  They think each and every team is different.

"There was a lot of us in 2011 that didn't have much experience and we pulled it off," David Freese said. "I don't use that as a reason for winning ball games, especially in the postseason.  It depends on how you're wired individually and you can run with it.  Pittsburgh's not going to quit and neither are we."

It is worth noting the man on the mound tomorrow for the Cardinals, Michael Wacha, is about 18 months removed from pitching at Texas A&M.  So he doesn't exactly have a wealth of experience himself. 

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