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Teachers gives failing grade for political cereal box design at Bourbon school

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By KMOV.com Staff By KMOV.com Staff

 (KMOV) – One mom said her son’s constitutional rights to free speech were violated when a teacher gave him a zero on a project.

Richard Grimm created a black and white version of a cereal box for his desktop publishing class at his Bourbon high school.

He was told to come up with a product that he could market to others, so Grimm decided to make a satirical political statement. His mother said the teacher would not give him credit for the project.

It’s important to me because my stepfather spent 11 years in the service fighting for my right to have freedom of speech and it’s being taken away by a teacher who’s got very little control over me speech wise,” said Grimm.

His mother, Lori Zimmerman said “It's not about the grade, it's not about the cartoon it's about being told you can't think something you can't say something. And that's not what our country was founded on.”

Shortly after News 4 called the Crawford County School District, the district told the family it would re-evaluate Grimm’s grade.

The district told News 4’s Lauren Trager they can’t comment on a specific assignment but it did say students’ free speech rights are important. 

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