Stores in new Chesterfield outlet malls charging incorrect tax r -

Stores in new Chesterfield outlet malls charging incorrect tax rates

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 (KMOV) –If you’re one of the thousands of people who’s ventured out to the new outlet malls in chesterfield you might want to double check your receipts. Different stores are charging different taxes.

After a News 4 viewer shared the tip, Chris Nagus went to mall officials for answers.

Pam Perkins of St. Charles noticed something odd after shopping at the St. Louis Premium Outlets.

Stores right next door to each other when they charged different tax rates.

“When I showed them my receipts and explained to them they were like how is that possible. I said I don’t know,” said Perkins.

A News 4 producer $200 and bought items ranging from shorts to socks to stuff in between.  On September 30, a keychain at Vera Bradley charged eight-percent tax ; the correct rate was supposed to be 8.3-percent, the buyer got a deal.

But at other stores like Hanes and Nike, customers paid a tax rate of 8.9 percent - more than they were supposed to collect.

A note posted inside a store dated August 24, informed managers to start charging the correct tax rate immediately. Making things more confusing, the tax rate changed on October 1.

News 4 went back to the outlet mall and discovered some stores weren’t charging the correct tax, which made for a great deal at Carters. They were only charging 7.9 percent on what was supposed to be a 9.4 percent tax rate.

The city of Chesterfield is aware of the problem. Libby Malberg Tucker is the city’s Economic Development Director. She said sorting out who owes what will be confusing, so the stores that charged too much or too little won’t be penalized.

“It is just such a complex issue that it would be difficult for us to go back and do that,” said Tucker said.

News 4 also checked out the taxes at the Taubman Project after October 1 when the correct rate is supposed to be 9.1 percent.

American Eagle only charged 8.4 percent but the Calendar Store got the right tax rate.

These malls have been open since August and with so many of them charging the wrong amount of tax, make sure to check receipts closely.

Both outlet malls told News 4 they’re aware of the problem and have informed the stores of the correct tax rates.

In the meantime, the correct tax rates can be found by clicking here

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