St. Charles man charged with faking own death to cover up sex ab -

St. Charles man charged with faking own death to cover up sex abuse of girl

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( -- St. Charles County Authorities are investigating a case of a man faking his own death after being blackmailed by his girlfriend. The man was found alive a few weeks later in a different part of the country.

St. Charles County Police said 45-year-old Raymond David Avett disappeared from his home this past summer and police believed he would be found dead.

According to police, Avett left three suicide notes prior to his disappearance in June 2013. Then a short time later police located his SUV at 3rd Street and Chouteau Avenue, just south of Busch Stadium, with no sign of Avett.

Authorities then discovered Avett alive after Maryland Police found Avett during a traffic stop. Police said Avett faked his death to cover up allegations that he sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl.

Authorities reported Avett’s former girlfriend, 34-year-old Jennifer Callaway, didn’t tell police about the suspected sexually assault.

“Instead of going straight to the authorities like you hoped that she would,” said St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar, “She decided to handle it her own way.”

Police alleged that Callaway coerced Avett into giving her his $120,000 home, SUV, boat and life insurance in exchange for not telling police about the alleged sexual assault.

St. Charles Police charged both Avett and Callaway with concealing a felony.

But Avett won’t be charged with sexual abuse, because Lohmar said when Callaway failed to report the alleged incident in a timely manner all investigators had to use was circumstantial evidence along with Callaway’s alleged blackmail.

Both suspects are jailed – Avett on $250,000 bond and Callaway on $200,000 bond.



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