St. Louis restaurant owner says alderman trying to keep him closed -

St. Louis restaurant owner says alderman trying to keep him closed

(KMOV) – The owner of a bar-b-que restaurant in north St. Louis told News 4 they can’t open their business because a local alderman wants to tear it down.

Larry Reed says he’s ready to open his County Boys Bar-B-Q in the 4300 block of N. Florissant.

But he said St. Louis Alderman Freeman Bosley doesn’t want the establishment to open up for political reasons.

“He told me he’s going to tear my building down actually,” said Reed.

Sources told News 4 Bosely is working on plans to redevelop the land near the restaurant, and the small eatery may not fit in the plans.

News 4 went to the alderman’s house to get some answers, but repeatedly no one answered the door.

Bosley made news this past summer when he admittedly tried to solicit college tuition money from campaign donors.

Now it seems he’s making waves again.

“Mr. Bosley has made himself very clear, his interest is aligned with the developer not with the business owners and not with the community,” said Reed. “We want development to come into this area but we don’t it at the cost of the people that’s been here laboring to develope this area long before this big-time developer decided to come here.”

Reed said he’s now collecting signatures from people in the neighborhood who wants his place to open.


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