Groom uses Pinterest to pull off surprise wedding -

Groom uses Pinterest to pull off surprise wedding

DALLAS — A destination engagement... and a wedding... in one day?

Sounds impossible, but a smitten Dallas man pulled it off.

Amanda Roman and Ryan Leak had dated for five years, and when he was ready to propose, he planned the surprise of a lifetime.

“How in the world did we keep this secret? I have no idea,” Leak said. “The grace of God!”

Over the course of a year, he devised a plan to bring Amanda and more than 100 family members and friends to Miami for the very big day.

It was June 7, 2013, and Leak hired a videographer to capture it all. Roman was blown away.

“I just have this incredible guy who not only said that he loved me, but proves it," she said. "I just felt really loved, and honestly, it was like I was on cloud nine; I felt like I was living in a fairy tale!”

But how does a man confidently plan everything from decor, to food to favors... and trust that his bride will love it?

That's easy. He "raided" her Pinterest page! Roman had pinned hundreds of ideas, and he took it from there.

Except for one key element.

“Amanda got to pick her own dress. We actually convinced her to go wedding dress shopping a year earlier,” Leak said.

Well done Ryan Leak. Now, how do you top that?


WATCH: Amanda Roman and Ryan Leak's surprise wedding


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