Parents of children killed in fire say 11-year-old son died a hero -

Parents of children killed in fire say 11-year-old son died a hero

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- The parents of two children killed in a fire in their home in Connelly Springs last week say their 11-year-old son died a hero.

“I know he was a hero. He was trying to be a hero. He wasn’t worried about himself,” Carolyn Hudson said about her son, Xander.

Carolyn said Xander first banged on a bedroom wall trying to wake his brother who was then able to get out alive. Next, she said Xander went for his sister, 6-year-old Piper.

“He was going towards his sister’s room. I know that. Xander loved his little sister so much,” she said.

As small as she was, Hudson said Piper did what she had learned in school.

“She was smart enough to close her door and hide underneath her blanket in the middle of her room,” said Carolyn.

The parents spoke Tuesday evening as they attended a fundraiser featuring baked goods and followed by a baseball game. The fundraiser was organized by Sherrie Sigmon and raised over $1,600 for the Hudson family.

“I saw one gentleman put in a hundred dollar bill. The Optimist Club put in $50 and another lady wrote a check for $50. People are just putting bills in there,” Sigmon said.

Fire investigators have still not determined the cause of the fire that they believe started in the living room of the home.

The Red Cross is still helping the family, which also lost all of their belongings in the fire.

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