Area farmers warned of scam offering discount pesticides, herbic -

Area farmers warned of scam offering discount pesticides, herbicides

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 (KMOV) -- The Missouri Department of Agriculture said people should be wary of an over-the-phone chemical scam involving pesticides and herbicides.

The Department of Agriculture said it’s received several reports from people saying that they’re getting calls and being offered high-quality pesticides and herbicides at a cheap price.

David Bonderer operates Saale Farm and Grain, a fourth-generation family farm.  He said he would be very wary if he got a call from someone offering discounted chemicals.

There are several red flags it raises; it’s a gamble whether you’re getting what you’re paying for.

“Need to make sure the product has been stored according to manufacturer's specifications, make sure it hasn't been frozen, hasn't gotten too hot. Make sure the expiration on the product is still good," said Bonderer.

It’s not just farmers that have been getting calls for cheap pesticides; the agriculture department said it’s received calls from gardeners and homeowners throughout Missouri.

Bonderer said farmers may use half a dozen different chemicals. They can cost $30 to $60 an acre and a typical farm may be 800 to 1000 acres.

People can also risk contamination by buying chemicals from an unknown source, Bonderer said. “You apply it to a crop and it destroys a crop or hurts the yield for the crop then you've lost your income for the whole year and really haven't gained anything for what you've saved for buying the product.”

The Department of Agriculture said to contact them to verify whether these chemicals that are being offered are registered for use in Missouri.

Click here to check out the online database of pesticides registered for use in Missouri. 

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