Caught on cam: 'Process server' urinates on driveway -

Caught on cam: 'Process server' urinates on driveway

PINEY POINT VILLAGE, Texas -- A woman left a bizarre delivery in a man's driveway and it was caught on surveillance cameras.

Mitch Zarsky couldn't believe his eyes when he saw video of the woman relieving herself.

"It's like watching a train wreck," Zarsky said. "I had to watch it over and over again and I just couldn't believe it."

After knocking on the door and looking in windows, the woman walked to the middle of the driveway and pulled her pants down between two cars.

About 25 seconds later, the woman pulled her pants up, grabs her clipboard and leaves.

Zarsky was convinced that the woman did it on purpose and not because nature called and she had nowhere to go. He pointed out bushes that were nearby and a port-a-potty at the construction site next door.

"She's making a statement," Zarsky said. "You've avoided me. You know I'll take care of you."

Zarsky recognized the woman in the video as someone who had stopped by twice before.

"The very first time she came she asked if I was Mr. Zarsky," Zarsky said. "I was working outside. I told her I was not. I thought she was a sales person or something."

Now he believes she's a process server trying to deliver legal papers on a matter involving a business he owns.

In his frustration, Zarsky left a message too. It mentions the Memorial Villages Police Department and the fact that he has spread the video around.

"Check out your YouTube video process server granny," Zarsky wrote on the sign. "You're now famous worldwide."

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