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Local lakes to close down with government shutdown

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(KMOV.com) -- Hundreds of employees in the St. Louis area will be furloughed following a shutdown but enough will stay on the job to keep the Mississippi River open.

There will be Corps of Engineers workers manning the locks and dams so barge traffic can continue on the river.

However, more than 500 of the federal agency’s employees will be off the job without pay.

A spokesman told News 4 the impact will be felt by those who visit any of the five  Corps of Engineers lakes in the area, including Rend and Carlysle Lakes.

Mike peterson/corp of engineers spokesman

"Those are going to have to shut down," said spokesperson Mike Peterson. "We’ll be closing boat ramps, clearing out campgrounds within about 24 hours of the shutdown. We’ll have staff on hand to make that happen and then they’ll be furloughed as well.”

17 million people visit the five Corps of Engineers lakes in the region each year.

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