Closer Look: Behind the numbers on gun permits -

Closer Look: Behind the numbers on gun permits

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- The Illinois State Police continues to struggle with a backlog of applications for gun ownership. So it remains to be seen how they can handle an influx of requests for permits to carry concealed weapons.

The department has 49,000 applications for Firearm Owners Identification cards awaiting approval.

A new law allows the carrying of concealed weapons. Police estimate there'll be 400,000 applications for "carry" permits in the first year. Police spokeswoman Monique Bond says the department could add nearly 100 employees to help.

The department is currently approving instructors. Officials have OK'd 750. Bond says hundreds more could be approved this week.

Bond says rules for training should be out this week.

This year, Illinois became the last state nationwide to legalize concealed carry.



Concealed carry instructors:

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