Changes coming for trash pick-ups in Creve Coeur -

Changes coming for trash pick-ups in Creve Coeur

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- Residents in a west St. Louis County community are questioning lawmakers about why they have to pay for trash service after the community passed a proposition to pay for the tab.

Creve Coeur residents passed a three year proposition in 2011 that promised to pay for curbside and alley trash pick-up, but the city is now changing the rules.

The city said it will continue to pay for curbside trash pick-up, but residents will have to pay $15 for alley pick-up.

“We found out 60 percent of the people are not using the service,” said Creve Coeur Public Works Director Jim Hines, “That is a cost of approximately $350-400,000 a year for a service that people are not using.”

City officials said residents won’t see these changes happen until July 2015.

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