City leaders vote unanimously to lower age requirement at St. Pe -

City leaders vote unanimously to lower age requirement at St. Peters shooting range

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

 (KMOV) – City leaders in St. Peters voted Thursday evening to lower the minimum age requirement to handle a weapon at a local shooting range.

They unanimously approved the move to now allow children who are 13-years-old  or older to shoot guns at a popular St. Peters gun range.

There was no opposition from residents at the meeting held at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Before the vote, children had to be 16-years-old to use the range at Ultimate Defense Firing Range and Training Center.

The change does require a parent to give consent and signed authorization papers for their child to shoot and the child must still be with someone who is older than 21.

News 4 talked with city leaders to see if lowering the age was the best decision.

“Anytime that we can educate our youth at an earlier age about the safety of guns it helps lower the chance of accidental discharges by kids we see all the time and if we can educate these kids at an earlier age we get more safety,” said Jerry Hollingsworth, St. Peters Alderman.

The owners of Ultimate Defense say they’ve had nothing but support from the community about lowing the age. It is worth noting there are other ranges in the region that allow children much younger that 13 to shoot. In fact, some ranges don’t have a minimum. 

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