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Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Hamm argue over Imo's pizza

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

KMOV) – Jimmy Kimmel made some headlines in St. Louis late last year when he talked smack on Imo’s pizza during an interview with Jenna Fischer from “The Office.” On Wednesday, he was at it again.

Kimmel had Jon Hamm, who he dubbed “St. Louis’ favorite son,” on the show and made him do a taste test comparison between an Imo’s pizza and a homemade one. As expected, Hamm chose the St. Louis establishment’s product as being better.

Kimmel’s wife is from St. Louis and he said he can’t stand some of the city’s claim-to-fame foods.

“I get a lot of abuse from people in St. Louis whenever I make fun of their terrible, terrible pizza place,” he said.

Kimmel also said he thought toasted ravioli was "disgusting also."

Watch the whole exchange in the video below or click here if using your mobile device.

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