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Employees without pay checks after sale of 11-area nursing homes to new company

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By KMOV.com Staff By KMOV.com Staff

 (KMOV) –Hundreds of people are upset because they aren’t getting paid. A local company quickly changed hands at 11 different nursing homes throughout Missouri.

News 4 was there as angry employees waited hours to find out when they’ll get paid. Many of them don’t have the money now to pay for gas, food or house payments.

News 4’s Lauren Trager learned a locally-owned company called Benchmark Healthcare recently sold 11 of its nursing homes in the area to another company called Fundamental.

A representative for Benchmark told us the paycheck snafu is all a big mis-communication because of the transition. But employees News 4 spoke with say they’re still in the dark, and now, some of them are even out of a job.

“My lights are supposed to get cut off today, so what am I supposed to do?” said Mary Fultz.

Employees came to pick up their paychecks, but Wednesday were turned away empty-handed.

“I cannot come in here and give you my time for free, I just want my money.”

Some said they wouldn’t work until they got paid.

“This hurts my feelings that they do me like this and I have dutifully come out and worked for y’all,” Fultz said.

Representatives for both the old and new companies declined on-camera interviews.

But representative from Benchmark told Trager over the phone they are not filing for bankruptcy, that it was just an error out of their control and that they guarantee the employees will get paid eventually.

Fundamental says they’re also committed to finding a way to pay the workers and continuing to provide quality care for their residents.

But after the News 4 crew left, a number the employees were immediately fired , the reason why was not immediately known.

Some workers now say they’ll consider taking it all to court. 

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