Reports of E-cigarettes exploding on the rise -

Reports of E-cigarettes exploding on the rise

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- E-cigarettes are billed as a safer alternative to tobacco. But there is a growning number of cases of them blowing up.

Complaints of explosions and injuries have pushed attorneys general from 40 states to call on the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes.

A Georgia woman’s e-cigarette exploded in her home, shaking the entire house.

Another woman’s three-year-old son was burned when an e-cigarette that was charging in her car exploded.

“Seeing your child on fire and them screaming, ‘help me’ is definitely pretty terrifying,” Said Kinzie Barlow. “I won’t ever get another one of those and I have several friends who use them and I have told them I wouldn’t, I would throw them away.”

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