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13-Year-old cornered, robbed outside Burger King bathroom

HOUSTON – A 13-year-old girl claims her screams for help went unanswered during a robbery inside a southwest Houston Burger King.

It happened around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Taylor Jordan went inside the fast food restaurant at 11102 Fondren Road to use the restroom.

She had locked the door to the ladies restroom and could hear someone on the other side of the door.

“I heard someone trying to open the door,” said Taylor Jordan. “I think he was watching me.”

Jordan said she found herself cornered as soon as she opened the door.

“I thought at first he was trying to kidnap me. Then, that’s when he was reaching in my pants, trying to get my phone,” explained Jordan.

The eight-grader had hid her phone inside the waistband of her pants. She said the stranger repeatedly reached into her pants to get a hold of the phone.

“I was screaming help, help, help, and everybody was just staring at me,” claimed Jordan. “I was like, you see him trying to take my phone and you just staring!”

Jordan claims nobody did anything during or after the robbery. She ran outside to tell her mother, who had been shopping at a store in a nearby strip mall.

“I’m very pissed. This is my baby. She’s telling me something happened to her in front of all these people. The restaurant is full of people. There’s staff there, and nobody does anything to help her,” said mother Erica Adams.

Erica Adams claims she went inside Burger King to sort things out. She said the assistant manager on duty didn’t seem all that concerned.

“She says you need to contact the manager. You need to wait until tomorrow to talk to the manager. She keeps repeating that over and over,” added Adams.

Houston police were eventually called, and Jordan filled out a report.

Burger King told KHOU 11 News it is still investigating claims being made by Jordan and her mother.

Heidi Fritz, human resources director of Houston Foods Inc., also said Burger King is doing what it can to assist police.

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