First-time gun owners say they're spurred to buy by potential ch -

First-time gun owners say they're spurred to buy by potential changes in legislation

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( -- Karl Schoenbeck, owner of On Target STL says in the past two weeks, gun sales are up 200 percent.

He also says in the evenings, the shooting range is packed, and the display cases inside are empty.

“A lot of people have not considered having a gun before and now they think it’s time to consider it,” he said.

Many buyng weapons are first-time buyers. Those who have never owned a firearm say the ongoing discussion of gun control laws have spurred them to buy.

“I wanted to get my license before my right was was taken away,” said first-time owner Jimmy Cooseman. “Because of the recent events I was afraid that might come soon.”

But both men agree not everyone should own a handgun.

“I don’t think that everyone should own one in that they should have to go through training and provide documentation that they know how to use it,” said Cooseman. “I don’t think someone off the street should be able to buy one. No, not like that.”

Schoenbeck also says he makes judgement calls when a potential patron seems to be mentally unbalanced.

“It’s the same as if they were inubriated,” he said. “I won’t sell them the gun.”

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