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Koster seeks reinstatement of flag desecration law

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is asking a federal appeals court to reinstate Missouri's law prohibiting desecration of the American flag, a law struck down by a federal judge last year.

Koster filed an appeal on Jan. 10 to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Frank Snider III of Cape Girardeau was arrested in 2009 for cutting up an American flag and throwing it into the street. The case was later thrown out.

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson issued a permanent injunction in March prohibiting the state, its political subdivisions and officials from "enforcing or threatening to enforce" the law.

Snider's attorney, Tony Rothert of the American Civil Liberties Union, calls the appeal disappointing and says the ACLU will continue to fight against it.

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