Granite City man claims Hostess hurting future job prospects -

Granite City man claims Hostess hurting future job prospects

GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KMOV) -- A Granite City man who used to drive an 18-wheeler for Hostess says he is having a hard time getting a new job because Hostess has not been forwarding information on his driving record to potential employers. 

Richard Marzuco says he’s been driving a truck for 27 years and has a good driving record and has never failed a drug test. 

Marzuco says as Hostess was in its final days of business he felt sympathy for others at the company who would have to find work.  He says he’s never had a problem landing a job and there is work available for truckers so he did not worry about his future.  But that has now changed.  He says potential employers are not going to wait several weeks for the paperwork to come through from Hostess and are filling the positions with other drivers.

Marzuco says more than two dozen of his fellow drivers in St. Louis are facing the same problem.  “We’re kind of just hanging in limbo,” Marzuco says.

The Department of Transportation says a company must furnish the records within 30 days.

News 4 contacted Hostess Monday morning.  A media spokesperson for the company said she was not aware of the problem but would look into it.   She said that the company is in transition at this point and several departments, including Human Resources, were not operating with full staffs. 

Marzuco says the spokesperson called him later on Monday afternoon and said that the company was returning the paperwork in one to two days.  Marzuco says that’s not accurate.  The spokesperson said she would continue to look into it.


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