String of restaurant incidents leave police puzzled after suspec -

String of restaurant incidents leave police puzzled after suspects break in but steal nothing

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- Police are investigating whether the same suspects are behind a string of smash and grabs that have caused more monetary loss in damages than in thefts.

The suspects have struck restaurants in Olivette, University City, Clayton and Richmond Heights.

According to police, it’s too early to know if the crimes are connected but there are similarities that can’t be ignored.

The most recent break-in happened at a Subway on Olive Road in Olivette. The suspects used a cinder block from a construction site next door to bust through the door.

“They did not get any money, no money but they did bust a window so they did cost us some amount of money,” said manager Erin Goldenberg.

Surveillance cameras weren’t connected, so investigators don’t know what the suspect or suspects look like, or why they may have targeted the restaurant.

“Maybe it looked like an easy target to them,” said Goldenberg.

Three of the six restaurants hit are Subways.

“Not sure why,” said Detective Craig Schneider. “Doesnt make any sense why one restaurant, when you have multiple up and down Olive, that they keep picking the same one.”

Surveillance video at the Olivette Subway shows a man stealing $200.

The break in at the Subway in University City has employees on edge. They say don’t know why so many Subways are getting hit, but hope it’s the same suspect (or suspects) behind the recent crimes, because when police catch them it’ll put an end to the string of restaurant incidents.

Interestingly, not all the cases end in robbery.

In one night, suspects busted out the glass front doors to Chevy’s in Olivette, a Subway in Clayton and two other restaurants in Richmond Heights. No money taken in any of the incidents, which leaves investigators puzzled.  

“You’d think with that many being hit, there would be some sort of pattern,” said Detective Schneider. “But we dont know what it is yet .”

Though thieves didnt take money in all cases, the glass doors that had to be replaced each cost at least $1,000 which means the damage alone makes these felony cases.


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