Manager, suspect wrestle after attempted theft in St. Peters Wal -

Manager, suspect wrestle after attempted theft in St. Peters Walmart

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ST. PETERS, Mo ( -- The St. Peters Police Department is looking for a suspect who stole over $1,500 worth of electronics and assaulted a Walmart store employee when she was confronted about the theft. 

The suspect entered Walmart on  Jungermann Road, on Friday, January 11, at approximately 3:30 am.

She reportedly proceeded to the electronics aisle, selecting stereo equipment.  The suspect then exited the store with the merchandise in her cart, making no attempt to pay for it. 

A Walmart manager saw the subject on the parking lot of the business and found her behavior suspicious and asked to see her receipt.  The suspect ignored the manager’s request and attempted to load the merchandise in her vehicle.  The manager attempted to detain the suspect at which time the suspect started wrestling with the manager and they both fell to the ground.  The suspect wrestled herself away from the manager, leaving her coat behind.

The suspect fled the area in his vehicle, but then returned a minute later to retrieve her jacket. Police say this incident and others like it are likely drug-related.

"They came back about a minute later demanding the jacket back, because according to the suspect, she had her drugs inside of the jacket," said St. Peters Officer Melissa Doss. 

Some of the merchandise was recovered in the parking lot. The manager was not injured in the incident.

There was confusion in the initial suspect description, and authorities incorrectly believed the suspect was male.

The description has since been corrected and the suspect is described as a white female in her mid 20s. she is said to be 5'8” – 5’10,” 140-150 pounds and was wearing a black coat tan boots. She is said to have a mohawk hairstyle. 

Her vehicle said to be a 1990-2000 mid-size sedan, black in color. There is no plate information, tape could be seen on the driver's side window. 


Walmart believes its Warrenton store was targeted the previous night by the same woman.

Employees shared the suspect information with police and all of its stores in the area.


Police say many thieves are becoming much bolder... No longer concerned with who might be watching.

"They’re just banking on thay no one is going to stop them," said Doss. "That maybe they have policies that they’re not allowed to physically stop them or the police aren’t going to get there on time, so we’re seeing more of that."



Anyone with information about this case or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Detective Paul Barish at 636-278-2244 ext. 3531 or St. Peters Police Department at 636-278-2222.



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