St. Louis alderman warns residents about license plate thieves -

St. Louis alderman warns residents about license plate thieves

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- A St. Louis alderman is warning residents in his ward to be on the lookout for license plate thieves, after he was a victim himself.

A security camera captured the crime in progress outside of Alderman Antonio French's home about 2:20 a.m. Friday.

Footage shows the man making sure the coast is clear, then stealing the license plates from the front and back of French's car.

Alderman French says license plate thefts are simply a nuisance crime.

"Over the last four years, we've dropped violent homicides by 80% in this neighborhood..." French said. "And if you told me four years ago our biggest problem was going to be license lates being stolen, I would have welcomed that. But these are still quality of life issues."

The suspected thief reportedly left behind the plate frames and bolts. French said thieves sell the license plate stickers on the street for around $20.

Alderman French represents the 21st Ward, covering parts of The Greater Ville, Kingsway East, Mark Twain, Penrose, and O'Fallon.

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