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Feldman: Losing Schottenheimer would be rough for Bradford

I can only imagine what Sam Bradford is thinking right about now.  He’s had a different offensive system every single year that he’s been in the league so far.  Three for three. 

And just a week or so ago when we were in Rams Park for the final time, he was talking about how happy he was to finally have some continuity.  To finally be able to go into an offseason knowing he’d have the same coordinator and the same system the next year.

Well, as ESPN’s Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friends.

Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is expected to interview for the Jaguars open head coaching position now that they’ve fired Mike Mularkey.  Schottenheimer actually interviewed for that same position last year but lost out to Mularkey in the end. 

This is far from being a done deal obviously.  Jacksonville is also expected to interview other candidates, including 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  So it’s no sure thing that Schottenheimer’s going to bolt St. Louis and leave Sam Bradford for his fourth, yes fourth, offensive coordinator in four years.

Granted, Jeff Fisher has said that even if Schottenheimer leaves the offense will remain the same.  New coordinator but the same system.

But if that happens?  If that really, truly comes to fruition?  Yikes.  I’m not one to make excuses for people.  Cardinals GM John Mozeliak once said to me there are two things you can deliver: results and excuses.  And when someone doesn’t perform they typically make excuses for that.

However if Bradford is forced to learn an entire new offense for the fourth year in a row that might give him the ability to add a third thing to that list. 

Results, excuses...and reasons.

It’s impossible to tell what’s going to happen between now and the end of the year.  Will Schottenheimer get the Jaguars gig?  If he does, who will replace him as offensive coordinator?  What weapons will Les Snead and Jeff Fisher find to complement Bradford and this offense?  Is Steven Jackson going to be one of them?  What sort of injuries will the Rams have to deal with in 2013?

The list of questions goes on and on so to sit here and dissect and quantify what losing Schottenheimer would mean for Bradford is, well, silly.

But this I do know.  If the former number one pick in the NFL draft has to, again, adapt to a new offensive coordinator for the fourth straight season?  If he’s got to deal with that AGAIN? 

Expectations will still be sky high.  But you won’t be making it easy on him.  That’s for sure.


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