Tech Check: CES gadgets youd actually buy -

Tech Check: CES gadgets youd actually buy

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

HOUSTON – Friday marks the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’ve seen driverless cars, transparent TV’s, and roll-up smartphones.

So where are the tech gadgets you’d actually buy (and can afford)?

== Charge Card (credit card size charger for your iPhone) ==
No more asking your co workers -- “Does anyone have an iPhone charger I can borrow?” This sleek, credit card size charger fits in your wallet. When your phone needs some juice on the go, you can pull out the Charge Card and connect it to your computer via USB. (And yes, it’ll sync your files too.) The cost is only about $25.

== ChargeDr (charge your tablet via computer)  ==
This $30 device reverses the issue of computers not being able to charge tablets. If you’ve ever connected your iPad to your laptop, you’ve probably seen the warning message that it can sync but not charge – you have to plug it into the wall.  The ChargeDr somehow corrects this and lets you steal power from your laptop to charge your tablet.

== Archos Family Pad ==
This Android tablet is big: it has a 13.3” touch screen. It costs $300, which is good for a tablet of this size. It’s called the Family Pad because it’s meant to be left around the house for any passing family member to use when hanging out in the kitchen or living room. After all, it’s just a little on the big side to carry around in your backpack all the time.

== DicaPak waterproof pouches for electronics ==
No more worrying about taking your phone or camera to the beach thanks to the waterproof pouches from DicaPak. Unlike the durable waterproof cases made for smartphones that usually cost $100, the pouches made by DicaPak cost around $25 and are a step above using a sandwich bag, which is what I do when I go for a run on a rainy day.

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