St. Louis Veterans' Day Parade participant gets red-light camera -

St. Louis Veterans' Day Parade participant gets red-light camera ticket

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- A South St. Louis County man was furious when he got nailed with a red light camera ticket while lining up for a parade to honor veterans.

On November 10th, Dan Adams was behind the wheel of his 1990 Mustang. He was in line with other members of the St. Louis Mustang club getting ready to for the Veterans Day Parade.

He told News 4, “we were guided in by parade officials, they were saying keep going; everybody was just following the line just going through.”

Adams was on Jefferson Avenue turning right on Olive Street, the road was closed so Adams never expected to get a ticket.

Adams sent a letter to the courts trying to explain but instead of getting the ticket tossed they sent him another copy of the summons telling him to appear in court on January 30th.

The camera was installed by American Traffic Solutions.

In November, a News 4 investigation revealed the Arizona company’s cameras have racked up more than 46.8 million dollars in fines in the St. Louis area. 

Although the cameras catch red light runners, ATS doesn’t issue the tickets, a police officer is supposed to review the tape and then decide.

News 4’s Chris Nagus called ATS and the St. Louis Police Department. ATS doesn’t have the authority to toss out tickets but they did call a St. Louis police officer on Adams’ behalf. That officer is now asking the courts to dismiss the ticket.

Adams is thrilled and says he would rather spend a hundred bucks on something else. “If anything, I would give a hundred bucks to a veterans association” said Adams.

According to the spokesman for ATS, Adams was the only one in that line of mustangs that got nailed with a red light ticket that morning.

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