Dog with dying prognosis saves family's lives -

Dog with dying prognosis saves family's lives

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

SPRING, Texas – A Texas family says they are alive because of their dog’s quick thinking.

Timber, the chocolate lab, was the only one who was awake when a fire flared up in the family’s attic. The fire started Wednesday morning in the home on Whispering Willow Drive.

Sloan Nagy says Timber woke her up, which wasn’t completely out of the ordinary.

“She took her nose and was just nudging me,” said owner Sloan Nagy. “Normally if I say Timber, stop, she’ll leave.”

This time, Timber wouldn’t leave. She continued to nudge Sloan, and her persistence paid off.

“She wasn’t stopping. She was waking me up,” explained Nagy.

Sloan and her 3-year-old daughter awoke to danger.

“This house was filled with smoke. You couldn’t even see. I was in a panic,” said Nagy.

They got out in time, and the Spring Volunteer Fire Department responded quickly.

Nagy says firefighters told her there were just minutes to spare before things got worse.

“The heater was going to fall directly in the middle of the hallway, and we would’ve all been trapped in our rooms,” said Nagy.

Fortunately, firefighters put out the fire that ignited in the heater. There was minimal damage to the home, but the Nagy’s were left without electricity.

Nagy says she was overwhelmed as she thought about the role Timber played in getting them out safely.

The emotions go even deeper.

The Nagy family rescued Timber as a stray during Hurricane Rita. Since May, she has been fighting cancer with the help of radiation and chemo.

“We saved her life, and she saved our life.”

Nagy says they’ve been driving Timber back and forth to Texas A&M for treatment. According to Nagy, the treatments have run a price tag of nearly $15,000.

The entire family believes it’s been well worth it.

“Timber shouldn’t even be alive right now,” said Nagy’s mother Tammy Johnson.

With a prognosis of just months to live, Timber has proven her instincts continue to be strong.

“I just loved her, and I don’t want to lose her,” cried Nagy.

Nagy says she’s trying to focus on what she still has.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better dog,” she added.

The family is now planning a party for Timber which will include plenty of steak.

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