City of St. Louis taking more steps to curb panhandling -

City of St. Louis taking more steps to curb panhandling

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ST. LOUIS ( – The City of St. Louis plans to take additional steps to crack down on aggressive panhandling.

Last year, the city posted signs at 25 locations that state the rules against panhandling. St. Louis officials plan to post an additional 24 signs at various locations around the city, such as the intersection of Lindell Boulevard and Skinker Boulevard near the Washington University campus.

One official says the city is taking other steps to address the problem.  St. Louis Human Services Director Bill Siedhoff says he calls the police department’s non-emergency number when he spots  panhandlers on highway off ramps. He suggests that the public to do the same thing.

"I believe it’s a good use of our resources,” Siedhoff said..

Siedhoff says drivers should ignore panhandlers. He says the money panhandlers collect often is spent on something that fuels an addiction. He added it is better to give to charitable organizations such as the St. Patrick’s Center.


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