Charter Communication employee robbed while on job -

Charter Communication employee robbed while on job

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EAST ST. LOUIS ( -- A Charter Communications cable installer was attacked and robbed while on a job in East St. Louis Tuesday night. He’s the third service provider hurt while working in the Metro East within the past month.

The victim was finishing work at an apartment complex when he was attacked.  Police say he was met by four hooded men in the parking lot onNorth 70 Street in East St. Louis.

“They hit him in the head with some sort of object,” East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore said.  “At that time they robbed him of his two cell phones and his wallet.”

Police are trying to combat the growing trend of service providers getting attacked while on the job.  Tuesday night’s robbery comes on the heels of a UPS driver getting kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint in East St. Louis last month.  Also in December, a United States postal worker was shot on the job whiledelivering mail in Cahokia.

“It’s terrible,” Chief Floore said.  “It’s truly terrible that the gas man or somebody can’t come who’s trying to give you stuff that you need to live with, and you’re going to rob them?  That’s crazy to me.”

News 4 learned that UPS hired undercover Illinois State Police officers to ride with them during holiday deliveries.

Charter says its service providers can always turn down a job if they feel unsafe.

“In addition, our crews often work together in pairs to increase their safety,” Jessica Hardecke, senior communications manager for Charter, said.

East St. Louis police are encouraging service providers to contact the department before they come to the city.  Officers can then know where workers will be and give them extra police presence to guard against attacks.

 “When these guys come into the city to do their deliveries or to do work, I’m going to advise my officers that if they see a cable truck around to make sure to give them more patrol around that truck,” Chief Floore said.  “Or, if they see the UPS truck, make sure you stop and kind of let them know that you’re out there.”


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